HOW OUR BLOG BEGAN, in AUGUST 2010: As many of you know, Phil has been struggling with a very complex series of neurological issues for about 5 years. This past spring, the issues became especially intense as a result of an unexpected cognitive decline and a fall on May 15th that resulted in a head injury and further decline. And then, on July 16th things catapulted to unbelievable, as Phil suffered from a severe "electrical storm" in his brain that essentially created a status of brain death for two full days. Inexplicably, the very morning that neurologists and other medical team members were planning removal of life support, Phil began breathing on his own and his brain waves returned to a stable, while still abnormal, level. Since then, each day has been a unique journey. And while he and his body continue to demonstrate a will and capacity to live, he continues to have severe deficits and it is quite uncertain as to the path he will take. As loved ones close in can attest to, it has been tricky to keep up emotionally with all of his changes, and provide the needed support. We can only imagine the hard work Phil has gone through as his brain has taken him through such roller coaster experiences. It is our goal here to keep family and close friends apprised of Phil's ongoing story, and to build connections that honor him.

AND THEN, SEPTEMBER 11, 2010....Dad's remarkable journey alongside us culminated in a gentle, generous death.

And so, my goal here now as his daughter is simply this: to record snippets...pieces of his life that my memory offers back to me, pieces of myself as I learn to live without a dad. I hope all who meander by find life, and hope, and peace.

Friday, September 10, 2010

hallmark therapy

tonight i did something i've never done before.

i bought myself a greeting card.  i've gone to the movies alone before, but never this.  tonight i said, why not?  everytime i go to walgreens and wait for a prescription, i peruse the cards.  i love the artwork, the sentiments.  i think of the people i love, and try to find a card that would be perfect for them.  sometimes i buy them, sometimes i just find the right fit, smile, and then put them back in their proper place.  the ones i buy, i rarely send.  maybe someday i'll be organized enough to get them into the hands of their intended owners.  somehow, though, at least at this point in my life, the picking of them seem to me to be the main point of it all.  strangely satisfying.

well, tonight, i found a card that seemed perfect for what i would say to myself if i wasn't me.  rather than smile and part ways, i snagged it.  it belongs on my refrigerator, among the collection of precious cards that others have sent me since my dad's illness.

in today's world of online communication (which i stamps, no strain to make it to the post office!) cards are old-fashioned and nearly obsolete.  which makes their arrival in the mailbox all that much more meaningful.  and sometimes, they're the only way to say what's on your heart.

so here's what i have to say to me tonight: 

May God not only lead you
beside the still waters,
may He give you a good long drink
of his SPIRIT.

May He fill your cup
to overflowing
with blessing
after blessing

Thinking of you
and praying
you'll be refreshed by
in your life right now.

Ahhhhh, see what i mean?  that's good stuff!  after recovering from the sheepishness of it all, i've actually come to the conclusion that i've just stumbled upon a great idea.  try it sometime!  your prescription will be ready before you know it.


Dad continues to hold on.  I continue to be grateful for the extra time.  CHERYL IS COMING TOMORROW!!!!!  How this Canadian continues to be so available to us Phoenicians, i'll never know.  but i just can't wait.  i'm ready to share this time with my sis.  my big sis, who always knows what to say, and how to help.

xoxo to each of you!  you mean so much to me.

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